Fire and Sword
Obsessed by revenge for the pain caused to his younger sister, the Black Laird Of Clan Gunn has no intention of marrying his promised bride from Clan MacKay. But after a chance encounter with Seana Mackay at a fair, fate changes his course.
Lies My Teacher Told Me
Critiquing twelve leading textbooks, James Loewen retells American history as it should be taught. Truthfully. First published in 1995, this latest edition includes additional content exploring how inadequate high school history lessons leave young Americans vulnerable to the populist propaganda of moguls like Donald Trump.
The Final Testament
Autumn, 1938. Ravaged by cancer, a reimagined Sigmund Freud is seeing out his days in London when he receives a threatening visit from an SS officer seeking a publishing deal for a piece of anti-Semitic propagranda.
The Courts of Love
Nine stories featuring the irrepressible Nora Jane, a former teenage runaway who robbed a New Orleans bar dressed as a nun, now settled in Berkeley with a husband, twins and a baby on the way. And an old flame burning in the background.
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