The Thrill Of The Chase: Suspense

Enjoy a good thriller? Then you'll love this suspense-stacked shelf!
A bartender, a body, a bog…a blackmailer. After publican, and former priest, Tim Roarty executes his bartender for unwanted advances on his daughter, the ‘bogmail’ begins. First published in 1978, this darkly comic and critically acclaimed mystery is still as fresh as a newly-dug bog.
BogMail, Patrick McGinley
A break from a maximum security prison. Frantic calls from the FBI. Special Agent Riley Paige is used to playing the hunter but the game’s about to change — and this time she’s the prey.
An extreme an act of violence forces Will Fletcher to take a closer look at those around him, in a pacy political thriller where everyone has secrets and everyone lies.
Look Closer, Rachel Amphlett
A pair of small-time crooks mess with the wrong people when they accidentally take a young kidnap victim.
Final Crossing, Sean Rodman
A young lawyer's new housemate's criminal activity is a little too close to home for comfort.
The Safecracker, James Garrison
A Palestinian travels to New York—where he must defend his own son against a murder charge.
The Fourth Assassin, Matt Rees
Two girls on the run. A rural community. A powerful family with dark secrets. All the right ingredients are there.
A Somali gallery owner turns detective when one of his own is murdered in the aftermath of a Naples earthquake.
A Scottish gumshoe leads a murder investigation when manpower at the local police force is stretched. But a web of lies and a second killing begin to complicate things further.
Tools of the Trade, Allan L Mann
A body in a burnt barn. A missing boyfriend. And a whole ball of trouble to unravel.
Beneath the Ashes, Jane Isaac
Sometimes it pays to listen to your boss. Sometimes.
A good ol' fashioned tale of police corruption.
Ten years ago, 15-year-old Scarlett Rainsford vanished while on a family holiday in Greece. Was she abducted, or did she run away from her severely dysfunctional family?
An LGBT thriller about a successful transgender hairdresser whose enemies come looking for her. But which one could it be?
Eastern Bloc defections and old rivalries run rife in this thrilling work of suspense.
John Le Carre's best-known Cold War thriller. If you've not read this classic, you really should!
Who really killed JFK? One man thinks he knows. But other forces conspire to silence him.
CIA agents comb mystery books for tips they can use to diffuse real-life diplomatic situations… until one of them learns a little too much.
A sun-drenched mystery novel? Set on the beaches of Florida and California? This surreal detective story certainly keeps you guessing!
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