Alex Bell

Alex Bell is an English writer best known for her horror fiction and middle-grade fantasy. She initially pursued a career in law before dedicating herself to writing full-time.

Alex Bell was born in New Forest, England, where her father's love of books influenced her passion for reading and writing. Favourite authors during her childhood included Enid Blyton, Dick King-Smith, J. K. Rowling, and Terry Pratchett.

While Bell aspired to become an author, she studied law as a backup plan. However, her passion for writing remained strong, leading her to complete her first full-length novel by the time she started university. At 19, she signed with agent Carolyn Whitaker but initially struggled to find a publisher for her work.

Her literary career took a significant turn when Gollancz published her novel The Ninth Circle in 2008, followed by Jasmyn and the comic-fantasies Lex Trent series.

Despite these publications, Bell faced challenges maintaining a steady publishing schedule until the horror novel Frozen Charlotte (2014) established her as a prominent name in YA horror. The book, part of the Red Eye series, explores the terrifying tale of cursed antique dolls and gained a substantial following, especially after being selected for the Zoella Book Club.

Her work in middle-grade fiction began with The Polar Bear Explorers' Club, an adventure series that departs from her horror background. The series, praised for its richly imagined world and vibrant characters, follows Stella Starflake Pearl and her junior explorer friends through perils in a snowy landscape.

Faber signed Bell for a three-book deal, highlighting the series' potential and Bell's ability to captivate younger audiences with tales of friendship, bravery, and exploration.

Beyond her novels, Bell's writing process reflects a disciplined approach, balancing her time between legal work and her literary pursuits.

Alex Bell is also known for her work at the Citizens Advice Bureau in the UK and her love of Siamese cats.

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