About Bookmate

Your favourite books are never far away
Bookmate is a subscription based e-book service that makes reading accessible to anyone in the world with a mobile phone. We inspire millions of people around the globe to read more, discover new books and find new friends with common interests.
Bookmate brings readers, authors, publishers, brands and distribution partners together through a strong business model. Market leader in Russia, Bookmate is now available with local catalogue in English, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish and other languages.
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The Publishing for Digital Minds Innovation Award 2014
The best reading application out there. The books range is huge!
aanselmo, App Store review
Easy to use. A lot of different books. That's great. I like this app cause I can find a book that I need very quickly and read it everywhere
Victoria Shevchenko, Google Play review
Very good app, exaсtly what you need for joyful book reading. UX is great, nothing bothers, good design and colors. Good job! Love the free classics collection
santyor, App Store review
It changed my view about digital reading. Paper books are dead, vive the digital ones!
Oldnyls, App Store review
Drag & drop your files (not more than 5 at once)