The Iliad, Homer

The Iliad

507 printed pages
Samuel Butler
Homer's epic poem The Iliad laid the foundation upon which Ancient Greece developed its culture, societal values, religious beliefs and practice of warfare. The influence of The Iliad on Western civilization has been vast, inspiring many of its most famous works of literature, music, and visual art.
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The Iliad, Homer
The Iliad, Homer
The Iliad, Homer
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Aleksandr Beljakov
Aleksandr Beljakovshared an impression3 years ago

Тяжело зашла. А в итоге, троя все еще не пала.

Achilles, valiant though you be, you shall not thus outwit me. You shall not overreach and you shall not persuade me. Are you to keep your own prize, while I sit tamely under my loss and give up the girl at your bidding?
send a lying dream to King Agamemnon; so he called one to him and said to it, "Lying Dream, go to the ships of the Achaeans, into the tent of Agamemnon, and say to him word for word as I now bid you
death-cry and shout of triumph of slain and slayers, and the earth ran red with blood.
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