The Iliad, Homer

The Iliad

Homer's epic poem The Iliad laid the foundation upon which Ancient Greece developed its culture, societal values, religious beliefs and practice of warfare. The influence of The Iliad on Western civilization has been vast, inspiring many of its most famous works of literature, music, and visual art.
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The Iliad, Homer
The Iliad

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Aleksandr Beljakov
Aleksandr Beljakovshared an impression4 months ago

Тяжело зашла. А в итоге, троя все еще не пала.


"Jove, most glorious, supreme, that dwellest in heaven, and ridest upon the storm-cloud, grant that the sun may not go down, nor the night fall, till the palace of Priam is laid low, and its gates are consumed with fire.
from the war, and sends his mother Thetis to ask Jove to help the
boundless waste of waters.
You are steeped in insolence and lust of gain.
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