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Scott Overton

Scott Overton is a Canadian author known for writing science fiction and fantasy. He is best known for his sci-fi thrillers, with notable works like The Primus Labyrinth (2020), Naïda (2021), and his most recent novel, Oceanus (2024).

Scott Overton was born in Coniston, Ontario. He completed his four-year Honours Bachelor of Arts in Drama at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Over three decades, he hosted radio morning shows and entertained millions of listeners. As a writer, Overton explored themes through science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, and even children's books.

His first novel, Dead Air, came out in 2012. It is a mystery-thriller with a radio theme based on his experience as a broadcaster. His second book, The Primus Labyrinth, a science fiction thriller, was published by No Walls Publishing in 2020.

Overton is also known for his short stories, which have been featured in magazines like On Spec and Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine, as well as in anthologies such as Tesseracts Sixteen: Parnassus Unbound and Doomology: The Dawning Of Disasters.

Oceanus, his latest novel, explores a mysterious energy transmission from beneath the waves in the ocean's depths. A diverse team of specialists must make First Contact with whatever lies in the ocean depths. Overton’s inspiration for the story stemmed from his lifelong fascination with the underwater world and scuba diving.

Oceanus has been noted for its blend of action and thoughtful themes, and Overton describes it as a "thinking person's" action novel. He looks at how humans have affected the planet and how aliens might judge us for our environmental impact.

His other literary contributions include a children's book, The Secret Wood, which he made available for free online.

Scott Overton lives in Ontario. He is a member of the Canadian Authors Association and SF Canada.

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