Martin Eden

Martin Eden, Jack London’s semiautobiographical novel about a struggling young writer, is considered by many to be the author’s most mature work. Personifying London’s own dreams of education and literary fame as a young man in San Francisco, Martin Eden’s impassioned but ultimately ineffective battle to overcome his bleak circumstances makes him one of the most memorable and poignant characters Jack London ever created. «In Martin, (London) created one of the great twisted heroes of American literature . . . a hero doomed from the outset because his own passions are bigger and more complicated than any man could bear.»

The semiautobiographical Martin Eden is the most vital and original character Jack London ever created.
Set in San Francisco, this is the story of Martin Eden, and impoverished seaman who pursues, obsessively and aggressively, dreams of education and literary fame. London, dissatisfied with the rewards of his own success, intended Martin Eden as an attack on individualism and a criticism of ambition; however, much of its status as a classic has been conferred by admirers of its ambitious protagonist.
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Gleb Sologub
Gleb Sologubshared an impression2 years ago

Излишне богатый, перегруженный вычурными оборотами язык, перенасыщенная эмоциями и пафосом стилистика - трудно для чтения в оригинале (в русском переводе просто нудно), но сама история очень близка по содержанию и духу нашему времени.


But it don’t mean they must have helped somebody, does it? Seems to me that ‘never helped nobody’ just naturally fails to say whether or not they helped somebody.
He couldn’t talk their talk just yet, though in time he would.
Is love so gross a thing that it must feed upon publication and public notice? It would seem so. I have sat and thought upon it till my head went around
How did you make me love you?"
"I don’t know," he laughed, "unless just by loving you, for I loved you hard enough to melt the heart of a stone, much less the heart of the living, breathing woman you are."
cheek, another that peeped out
They had been studying about life from the books while he had been busy living life.
Jim was a plumber’s apprentice whose weak chin and hedonistic temperament, coupled with a certain nervous stupidity, promised to take him nowhere in the race for bread and butter.
manifestly out of place
His eyes were made for seeing, but up to that moment they had been filled with the ever changing panorama of the world, at which he had been too busy gazing, ever to gaze at himself.
painting caught and held him. A heavy surf thundered and burst over an outjutting rock; lowering storm-clouds covered
experienced a momentary pang of shame
United States history is abominable-there
He was becoming anti-social. Daily he found it a severer strain to be decent with people. Their presence perturbed him, and the effort of conversation irritated him. They made him restless, and no sooner was he in contact with them than he was casting about for excuses to get rid of them.

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