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Jack London

Martin Eden

  • the reciterhas quoted2 years ago
    You wanted to create beauty, but how could you when you knew nothing about the nature of beauty? You wanted to write about life when you knew nothing of the essential characteristics of life. You wanted to write about the world and the scheme of existence when the world was a Chinese puzzle to you and all that you could have written would have been about what you did not know of the scheme of existence.
  • marvaghas quoted2 years ago
    it was a very beautiful and well-ordered world and that it was good to be alive and to love.
  • Ryukotowohas quoted4 years ago
    He noticed one with narrow-slitted eyes and a loose-lipped mouth. That fellow was vicious, he decided.
  • Александра Евтееваhas quoted9 years ago
    He couldn’t talk their talk just yet, though in time he would.
  • Sanjackbeyhas quoted10 years ago
    Is love so gross a thing that it must feed upon publication and public notice? It would seem so. I have sat and thought upon it till my head went around
  • Андрей Голышевhas quoted8 months ago
    For what reason under the sun do men and women come together if not for the exchange of the best that is in them? And the best that is in them is what they are interested in, the thing by which they make their living, the thing they’ve specialized on and sat up days and nights over, and even dreamed about.
  • Cherrymehas quotedlast year
    smacked of the sea

    If something smacks of an unpleasant quality, it seems to have that quality:
    The whole situation smacks of mismanagement and incompetence.

  • Маша Бондаренкоhas quotedlast year
    And at the instant he knew, he ceased to know.
  • Маша Бондаренкоhas quotedlast year
    knew, now, that he had not really loved her. It was an idealized Ruth he had loved, an ethereal creature of his own creating, the bright and luminous spirit of his love-poems. The real bourgeois Ruth, with all the bourgeois failings and with the hopeless cramp of the bourgeois psychology in her mind, he had never loved.
  • b9434765762has quotedlast year
    The act was done quietly and naturally, and the awkward young fellow appreciated it. "He understands," was his thought. "He’ll see me through all right."
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