Jack London

Martin Eden

    Ryukotowohas quoted2 years ago
    He noticed one with narrow-slitted eyes and a loose-lipped mouth. That fellow was vicious, he decided.
    Александра Евтееваhas quoted8 years ago
    He couldn’t talk their talk just yet, though in time he would.
    Sanjackbeyhas quoted8 years ago
    Is love so gross a thing that it must feed upon publication and public notice? It would seem so. I have sat and thought upon it till my head went around
    Маша Бондаренкоhas quoted18 days ago
    You worship at the shrine of the established,"
    Маша Бондаренкоhas quoted18 days ago
    was the old tragedy of insularity trying to serve as mentor to the universal.
    Маша Бондаренкоhas quoted20 days ago
    considered love the finest thing in the world. It was love that had worked the revolution in him, changing him from an uncouth sailor to a student and an artist; therefore, to him, the finest and greatest of the three, greater than learning and artistry, was love.
    Dima Egorovhas quoted3 months ago
    fishing, big-game shooting, yacht sailing, and so forth-and mark
    MJhas quoted3 months ago
    The one opened the door with a latch-key and went in, followed by a young fellow who awkwardly removed his cap. H
    b5014235214has quoted4 months ago
    From the evening at Ruth’s Martin brought away with him strange confusions and conflicting feelings. He was disappointed in his goal, in the persons he had climbed to be with.
    b5502812437has quoted5 months ago
    is not in what you succeed in doing that you get your joy, but in the doing
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