Burro Hills
In love with new boy Connor Orellan, will Jack ever get out of Burro Hills? Out of poverty? Out of drug dealing? Out of his head? Out of high school alive?
The Hobbit or There and Back Again
Join reluctant hero and hobbit Bilbo Baggins, lover of creature comforts, on a quest that will test him to the limit, challenge his resourcefulness and take him on a journey across the perilous Middle Earth...and back again.
Swimming in the Dark
From intoxicating first love to growing up and apart, this is the tender love story of two men who find themselves on opposite sides of the political divide in early eighties Poland.
Vibrate Higher Daily
Self-help trailblazer and Insta star, Lalah Delia invites you to live your power, listen to your individual inner voice and trust your instincts. Make day to day choices which lift your mindset and mood: vibrate higher daily.
Tis the Season
Interior designer Blake is brought in to help remodel Matt Jordan’s haunted house on the hill. But it’s Matt who has designs on Blake, longs to remodel their past and build their future into more than just a side-project.
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