Janey the Vet
Janey Lowes had been a vet for just two years when she left her home in County Durham and went traveling. Visiting Sri Lanka, she was horrified to see the state of so many of the island’s dogs, in particular the three million strays. Over 5,000 miles from home, Janey decided there and then that she was going to move to the island indefinitely and do everything within her power to help them. She raised £10,000 to get started, set up a charity called WECare Worldwide, and began work.
The Good Samaritan Bites the Dust
Ever claimed that there is 'no rest for the wicked', judged something as 'sour grapes', or rallied friends by shouting 'eat, drink and be merry'? Knowingly or not, you have been quoting from the Bible. The Good Samaritan Bites the Dust offers a light-hearted and fascinating look at the stories behind the expressions – explaining where in the Bible these familiar phrases appear and describing the colourful biblical backdrop to their origination, from epic battles to acts of betrayal, miracles and beyond.
Bone Meal For Roses
Rescued from an abusive mother, six-year-old Poppy slowly recovers at her grandparents’ farm and the magic of their garden in the majestic landscape of South Africa. But as she becomes a young woman, painful memories resurface and a troubled married man enters her life.
500 Words You Should Know
From the author of the bestselling I Used to Know That comes a veracious cornucopia of 500 of the best, trickiest, and oft-misused words in the English language that will have you confabulating with the literary cognoscenti in no time.
The Anderson Tapes
The explosive Edgar Award-winning debut novel by New York Times bestselling author Lawrence Sanders.
The Birth and Impact of Britpop
The story of the explosion of indie music into the mainstream in 1991 – and the cultural revolution that followed. It isn’t a history of Britpop, it’s Paul’s ‘love letter’ to the scene.
Our New World
Florian Hoffmann demonstrates the huge potential for creating a better future today. He visits places and people around the world, where courage and imagination have already paved the way for the world of tomorrow.
Sister Carrie
Young country girl moves to the big city where she starts realizing her own American Dream, first as a mistress to men that she perceives as superior, and later becoming a famous actress.
Today’s Britain is built on the ingenuity of traders, bankers, and industrialists. This book explores the legacy of ten legendary entrepreneurs, including financier Nathan Rothschild, creator of the modern bond market, and John Spedan Lewis, founder of the John Lewis Partnership.
The Girl With No Name
Escaping Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport, a young teenage girl arrives in London with a few belonging and not a word of English. Adopted by a childless couple, her world is soon blown apart again by German air raids. When she awakes in hospital, her memory has gone.
Red Dirt
Fleeing recession in Ireland, three young people escape to the Australian outback, where they learn the terrible consequences of impulsive choices amongst damaged and dangerous new friends.
Rosie's War
When a middle-class Englishwoman called Rosie left London for Avignon in 1939, she had no idea that a year later she’d be trying to flee from Hitler’s all out assault on Western Europe. From an au pair to an ‘enemy alien’, Rosie had to escape from a German prison camp in her attempt to return home.
A Star is Born
The movies and moments behind 75 female cinematic icons captured in exquisitely detailed pen portraits accompanied by quotes, notes, and anecdotes.
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