The Complete Writings of Art Smith, the Bird Boy of Fort Wayne, Edited by Michael Martone
Recreating and reimagining the wonder of early flying machines and the daredevils who flew them, this collection of short stories follows the fictionalised escapades of legendary skywriter Art Smith.
The Married Girls
1949. Wynsdown, Somerset. The war might be over but the domestic and social battles are just beginning for the married girls: Charlotte, a Kindertransport child now settled and happily married, and Daphne, the charming but secretive fiancee of the squire’s son.
Swimming Lessons: Poems
Relatable yet intimate, provocative yet comforting, bitesize yet profound — actress Lili Reinhart’s startling debut poetry collection explores the euphoria of nascent love, the inevitable heartbreak of passion and the mental health pitfalls of fame.
Have You Seen Me
One woman’s quest to recover memories someone else would rather she didn’t find. After a visit to psychiatric ER, Ally Linden knows her own name, her profession and her husband Hugh but nothing about the last 48 hours. Where did the time go? And who’s stopping her from getting it back?
Home Fires
The home fires keep burning for half a century in this insightful portrait of a real American family alongside landmark public events from the Second World War to the early-nineties.
Animal Wife
Fifteen stories exploring the lives of women unified by a desire to seek liberation from domestic societal expectation. From a girl born with feathers seeking her absent mother to a woman psychologically trapped in a car — welcome to this animal wife.
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