The Case for Nationalism
Refuting critics from both the left and right, Rich Lowry reclaims the term ‘nationalism’ from the clutches of racism, militarism and fascism and repositions it as the positive driving force behind the American ideology. Lowry envisages a cultural nationalism which protects history and recognises the importance of diversity and immigration.
The Crime of Julian Wells
When the body of a non-fiction crime chronicler is found drifting in a boat, his close friend and literary critic, Philip Anders, discovers that he may have left clues to a crime of his own.
Body of Render
These poems clamber out of the broken systems of the Western world, where people with power promote racist, misogynistic, homophobic and classist narratives and people of colour are stripped of their basic human rights, to seek collective hope and healing.
Good Things Happen to People You Hate
Find a snarky and sharp-witted friend in Rebecca Fishbein’s raw, relatable and rib-tickling collection of essays about life in the aughts against the backdrop of a calamitous president and unstable socio-economic landscape.
The Complete Writings of Art Smith, the Bird Boy of Fort Wayne, Edited by Michael Martone
Recreating and reimagining the wonder of early flying machines and the daredevils who flew them, this collection of short stories follows the fictionalised escapades of legendary skywriter Art Smith.
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