Tea by the Sea, Donna Hemans
Tea by the Sea
Seventeen years ago, the father of Plum Valentine’s daughter walked out of the hospital with her one-day old baby and no explanation. Now a newspaper photograph leads Plum to the man she’s searched for half her life and a potential lead to her lost child.
Day of the Dead, Mark Roberts
Day of the Dead
After years of nothing, the escaped prisoner known as Vindici has started killing again. A conviction for torturing ten men to death makes him a criminal in the eyes of the law. But to the public he’s a hero making the world a little safer...one kill at a time.
In Our Midst, Nancy Jensen
In Our Midst
After Pearl Harbour, German immigrants and family restaurateurs Nina and Otto Aust are accused by the American authorities of being Nazis. Separated from each other and their teenage and sons, can their bonds of love break the chains of fear and suspicion?
To Dare, Jemma Wayne
To Dare
Three women from three different backgrounds come together in this daring tale of family, imbalance and vengeance.
Worship the Pig, Gaylord Brewer
Worship the Pig
This exhilarating collection of poems migrates from Tennessee, up the inside passage of Alaska before turning sharply south through Costa Rica and Brazil’s Ilhabela. Along the way, the feral world beckons and personal ghosts need careful negotiation.
The Square, Rosie Millard
The Square
Bored bourgeoisies with beautiful houses are banging the neighbours and betting on raising funds for a communal fence by holding a TV talent show. It’s all happening in the square!
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