Jack London

White Fang

White Fang is Jack London’s companion novel to The Call of the Wild. In The Call of the Wild we follow a dog’s journey from domestication to wilderness, but in White Fang we see the opposite: a wild wolf-dog captured by men and eventually domesticated.
White Fang’s journey isn’t an easy one; both the wild and civilization have their share of brutal violence. But he eventually seems happy in a home with a loving family. When read side-by-side with The Call of the Wild, White Fang poses an interesting question: is wilderness really an improvement over civilization? Is there one right way to live?
258 printed pages

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    It's certainly a product of its time (read: racist as hell) but engaging enough.


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    I was a-thinkin’ what a blame sight luckier he is than you an’ me’ll ever be.
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    had been prone to turn upon his pursuers, jealous of his dignity and wrathful
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    But at the end of half an hour he arose, growled wrathfully at the motionless ball, and trotted on

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