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Summary: The Ultimate Sales Machine Chet Holmes

This work offers a summary of the book “THE ULTIMATE SALES MACHINE: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies” by Chet Holmes.

Chet Holmes is a corporate trainer and business strategist who has consulted with more than a 1,000 companies. He has designed advertising and sales systems for companies in hundreds of industries and has developed 65 training products that sell in more than 20 countries.

According to Holmes, you only have to focus on 12 basic things or core competencies to turn your business into the “Ultimate Sales Machine”. Success comes from doing the right things with pigheaded determination and persistence. In The Ultimate Sales Machine, the author thoroughly describes the twelve building blocks that you must have in place if your company is to succeed long term.

As Holmes explains, “you can profoundly improve your company or department if you absolutely commit to one hour per week in which you do nothing else but work on making the business much more effective”. The Ultimate Sales Machine offers a path that businessmen who want their business to be more effective would be wise to follow.
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aliazulkiflihas quoted2 years ago
In my experience, most businesspeople don’t take the time to plan and take action because all their time is consumed by reacting to the business they’ve already built. To build your business into the Ultimate Sales Machine, you need to be in a primarily proactive mode. Time management is critical.
Rabikhas quoted2 years ago
One of the most strategic things you can do is to find market data that makes your product or service more important.
kotleta7has quoted2 years ago
The twelve building blocks which you must have in place if your company is to succeed long term are:

Teach everyone how to manage their time.
Have training happening on a consistent basis.
Get everyone to use meetings effectively.
Have good strategies and great tactics.
Accelerate growth by hiring superstars.
Instead of trying to sell everyone, be selective.
Harness the seven must do’s of marketing.
Integrate compelling visuals into your processes.
Make a concerted effort to get the best buyers.
Develop a highly polished sales process.
Keep your clients forever to boost profits.
Set ongoing goals and measure your progress.

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