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Carole Ann Rice,Sarah Wade

Start Your Dream Business. Secrets of Successful and Happy Entrepreneurs

Do you harbour dreams of being your own boss and doing something that you are truly passionate about? Do you have a great idea on the back-burner, but fear giving up the security of a regular salary? Start Your Dream Business reveals the journeys and secrets of people who took that first scary step towards their dream and set up their own businesses. Through these inspirational stories, the authors show and analyse how these individuals, from all over the world, achieved entrepreneurial success. Filled with instructive case-studies, practical advice and coaching tips, this book guides the reader through the many stages of starting a business, avoiding the common mistakes, and overcoming the obstacles that stand in the way. For all those who feel unfulfilled at work, who feel that their creativity is not utilised, not appreciated, Start Your Business proves that with the right mindset and the right skills, anyone can make that change they’ve been dreaming of, to go from day job to top dog!
201 printed pages
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    Гулноза Азимоваshared an impression7 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Nice and inspiring book. Set of great online business ideas


    Tanjahas quoted5 years ago
    here is the first really important lesson, which you must learn before you do anything else. Every ingredient you need to make your business successful will come from you.
    Your energy, drive, passion, excitement, vision, belief and will to succeed will be driven almost entirely in the early stages by you. You are 100 percent responsible for your success. You can either enable success or stand in its way.
    Tanjahas quoted5 years ago
    True, I don’t have sick leave, paid holidays or a big group of colleagues to conspire and socialise with. But I choose my hours, work with incredible people who have also turned my life around, make more money than in any previous ‘paid’ employment and get 100 percent job satisfaction.
    I’ve been at home to see my children grow and I’ve never missed a nativity play. I have a great work-life balance, and most precious of all, I have complete autonomy.
    The satisfaction of seeing my business grow, discovering new skills (such as public speaking and social media), making my own money and discovering new ways to increase my profits is immense.
    Tanjahas quoted5 years ago
    Why not join us? Yes, it’s scary, there are risks aplenty and few guarantees. But it is a life well lived and the rewards are manifold.
    Of course the market is flooded – but trust me, there is always limitless room for success.
    See you at the top.
    Good luck!
    Carole Ann Rice

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