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Summary : Start With No – Jim Camp

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The must-read summary of Jim Camp’s book: “Start with No: The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don’t Want You to Know”. This complete summary of the ideas from Jim Camp’s book “Start with No” shows how we all make negotiations every day of our lives and it’s important to develop strong negotiation skills. In his book, the author explains why a ‘win-win’ situation is the wrong approach to negotiations and why all good negotiations start with a “no”. By following this advice, you will give your fellow negotiator an opportunity to think more rationally and, in turn, get a more worthwhile result. Added-value of this summary:• Save time• Understand the key principles• Expand your negotiation skills To learn more, read “Start with No” and start perfecting your skills and get more out of your negotiations.
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    anver666shared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    One of the best book about negotiations I have ever read. It’s really useful not only for entrepreneurs and managers. I advice it for all who are interested in theme.


    anver666has quoted4 years ago
    The “budget” in any negotiation is more than just money. The real budget has three components: time-and-energy, money and emotional investment. And not all of these factors are of equal importance – if time has a value of x, then energy will be calculated as 2x, money as 3x and emotion as 4x. Your job as a negotiator is to be certain you know both your own real budget and that of the other party.
    anver666has quoted4 years ago
    Not only are the best negotiators good note takers, they also have a blank mental state. In other words, they consciously play a mind game to rid themselves of expectations, needs, fears and assumptions. They do this by visualizing a scene from nature that is inspiring – like a sunrise – or by reliving a pleasant experience from their past – like a sporting success while growing up. Revisiting those scenes mentally before a negotiation clears their minds, allowing them to treat the facts as they are presented rather than the way they hope to find them. Creating a blank mental state is a tremendous advantage for professional negotiators and it is something aspiring negotiators can work on.
    anver666has quoted4 years ago
    In-depth research of the facts can overcome the inherent problems with expectations and assumptions but most people aren’t in the habit of doing much basic research. With that in mind, a more accessible tool is to take great notes about what the other person says. This is very simple. As they say something, write it down in your notes. That alone will enhance your focus on what is being discussed. In any negotiation, the most successful negotiators block out their own thoughts and concentrate on what the other person has to say. Taking notes helps you do that. It also helps you make the distinction between what’s being said and what they mean.

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