Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen began publishing his Fairy Tales in 1835. This collection of 127 of the stories was translated by Mrs. Paull in 1872.
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He said that all men were wicked, and God would punish them for their sins, and that the wicked, when they died, would be cast into hell, to burn for ever and ever.
In the garden all the apple-trees were in blossom. They had hastened to bring forth flowers before they got green leaves, and in the yard all the ducklings walked up and down, and the cat too: it basked in the sun and licked the sunshine from its own paws. And when one looked at the fields, how beautifully the corn stood and how green it shone, without comparison! and there was a twittering and a fluttering of all the little birds, as

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