Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne
Jules Verne

Around the World in 80 Days

241 printed pages
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Jules Verne’s most-acclaimed novel remains a cultural cornerstone to this day. The story of Phileas Fogg’s spectacular journey by then-novel technologies is a fast-paced, colorful, and thoroughly enjoyable portrait of the British empire at the height of its power. Originally published as a serial so believable that readers at the time placed bets on whether Fogg would succeed or not, Verne’s adventure epic continues to inspire travelers and adventurers to this day.
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A classic. The romance of encountering foreign cultures in the olden days of Britain.



avaricious; for, whenever he knew that
though he seemed al­ways to avoid at­tract­ing at­ten­tion

Хотя он, казалось, всегда избегал внимания

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