Grimms' Fairy Tales

Grimms’ Fairy Tales have entertained children and adults for the past two centuries, and have become part of our common heritage. These stories about Tom Thumb, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin and the Frog Prince stimulate the imagination and the heart and linger at the back of our minds for a lifetime. They are funny, disturbing, wise and compassionate; they speak of joy and terror, happiness and revenge, love and violence. They remind us of how it felt the first time an adult voice read them to us as we fell asleep and dreamed magical dreams.
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athena71176shared an impression9 days ago
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This was cute! 😊😃😁

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Good fod child before sleep :)

Lina Nordin
Lina Nordinshared an impressionlast year

i thought the ending would be different! haha

Jamie Devoy
Jamie Devoyshared an impressionlast year
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La impresionante broma de mal humor de las premisas


spin gold out of straw
Then just as he was going to fire at him, it occurred to him that the wolf might have devoured the grandmother, and that she might still be saved, so he did not fire, but took a pair of scissors, and began to cut open the stomach of the sleeping wolf. When he had made two snips, he saw the little Red-Cap shining, and then he made two snips more, and the little girl sprang out, crying: 'Ah, how frightened I have been! How dark it was inside the wolf'; and after that the aged grandmother came out alive also, but scarcely able to breathe. Red-Cap, however, quickly fetched great stones with which they filled the wolf's belly, and when he awoke, he wanted to run away, but the stones were so heavy that he collapsed at once, and fell dead.
found the chamber where the golden bird hung in a wooden cage, and below stood the golden cage, and the three golden apples that had been lost were lying close by it. Then thought he to himself, 'It will be a very droll thing to bring away such a fine bird in this shabby cage'; so he opened the door and took hold of it and put it into the golden cage. But the bird set up such a loud scream that all the soldiers awoke, and they took him prisoner and carried him before the king. The next morning the court sat to judge him; and when all was heard, it sentenced him to die, unless he should bring the king the golden horse which could run as swiftly as the wind; and if he did this, he was to have
to keep watch all night under the tree.
the tailor used black
for the flower he held in his hand was his safeguar
lead her away;
still helped one,
Everyone agreed that it was worth more than all the wealth of the kingdom

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