Paula Hammond

The Atlas of The World’s Strangest Animals

Illustrated throughout with outstanding full-colour artwork and detailed photographs, Atlas of the World’s Strangest Animals presents an in-depth look at 44 of the most unusual species. The selection spans a broad spectrum of wildlife, from the tallest land living mammal, the Giraffe, to the light, laughing chorus of Australian kookaburra birds to the intelligence of the Bottlenose dolphin to the slow pace of the three-toed sloth. With chapters devoted to each of the continents and the world’s oceans, a spread is devoted to each animal with a map indicating its geographical distribution. Fact boxes offer fascinating details on the animal’s lifecycle and habitat. Ranging from the world’s oceans to the tropics and including egg-laying mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, cannibalistic insects and other invertebrates, Atlas of the World’s Strangest Animals is a fascinating introduction to some of nature’s most curious beasts.
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