Paula Hammond

The Atlas of Dangerous Animals

Illustrated throughout with detailed full-colour artworks and outstanding photographs, The Atlas of Dangerous Animals presents an in-depth look at the natural world’s most deadly creatures, from poisonous spiders and sea snakes to aggressive lions and man-eating sharks. The selection spans a broad spectrum of wildlife, from large carnivores such as the grizzly bear and great white shark to smaller but equally deadly predators such as the black widow spider and puff adder. Each world habitat is covered, with examples carefully drawn from every region of the planet — from the majestic lion of the African plains and the polar bear of the arctic wastes, to the Komodo dragon of South-east Asia, whose saliva carries poisonous bacteria that can kill a person in hours. The fascinating and engaging text describes in vivid detail the behaviour and hunting technique of each species, alongside informative maps and information box features.
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