Paula Hammond

The World's Strangest Animals

Mammals don’t lay eggs. Or do they? Fish can’t walk. Or can they? Mammals can’t fly. Or can they? The World’s Strangest Animals collects more than 40 of the most unusual animals from all kinds of habitats from around the world, from the komodo dragon and the sugar glider to the mantis and the seahorse. Learn how some mammals do lay eggs, that the mudskipper fish can walk on its fins and that bats are mammals that can fly.

From the Arctic to the tropics and featuring lizards, frogs and toads, octopuses, tapeworms, snakes, laughing birds, lovebirds and insects that eat each other, The World’s Strangest Animals is illustrated throughout with outstanding full-page photographs and artworks for each animal. With easy-to-follow descriptions of each animal’s habitat and life cycle, as well as locator maps and factfile boxes, this book will appeal to any child interested in wildlife.
173 printed pages
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