Paula Hammond

Sharks & Underwater Monsters

The seas, oceans and rivers of the world are one of the last great wild frontiers. Here, gigantic herbivores and voracious predators make their homes. There may be no real Loch Ness monsters, but sea “monsters” of all sizes and shapes can still be found lurking in the ocean’s darkest depths.
From the deadly great white shark to the legendary giant squid, from the barracuda to the manta ray to the alligator gar and piranha, Sharks and Underwater Monsters takes the reader on a fascinating journey into a strange and little-known world. Each of the featured creatures is illustrated with a large, full-color, annotated photograph with supporting color artworks, and accompanied by easy-to-follow text, locator maps, and information boxes designed to enhance the learning experience.
With examples carefully drawn from habitats as diverse as the icy waters of the Arctic to the sun-drenched Indian Ocean, this engaging and accessible volume reveals the secrets of some of nature’s strangest and most colorful animals.
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