Tella Olayeri

Deliverance Prayers for First Born

First born children are primary focus of families, their birth are heralded with megaphone of praises and glory to God. They are often called bundle of hopes, great influence, boundary adjusters, generator of peace of mind, source of courage and wisdom. Whatever they do, wherever they go, whoever they associate with, speaks volume. In fact, they are always under close watch.

But then, their lives are full of attacks. They are often bombarded front and back, left and right, high and below by wicked ones in order to lose focus. Whatever attacks you face it is high time you claim your birthright as firstborn and call it quit with stubborn pursuers after your life.

This book addresses it all, as classical biblical examples are discussed to open your eyes to reality of life. It is also loaded with violent and acidic prayer points to crush your enemies. To crown it all, special attention is given to prophetic prayers that will positively seal your prayers.

There is no best way to handle your situation as firstborn than to buy this book.
44 printed pages
Original publication
Tella Olayeri



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