Tella Olayeri

Decoding Your Dreams Part Four

This dream book is written in alphabetic order to reduce the stress of reading from the start to the end. What you need most after dream is ability to remember key players in your dream.

For example, to dream of a snake bite in the feet, all you need to do is, read through dreams under snake and feet. Hence, from the explanation, you can deduce meanings to your dream. To dream of a fall from great height, you may read interpretations under fall and height etc.

Prayers are written in the last chapter of the book. Treat each dream with right prayer as written in the book. You can as well raise prayer points on your own to address your dreams.

It is good to cancel bad dream as soon as you wake from sleep, as delay may be dangerous. Whenever you dream good dream, pray for its manifestation. Do not wait for an answer; rather work towards its actualization. Manifestation is not automatic.

Build the habit to interpret your dreams effortlessly. Control your life even in the spirit. Your dream is one cornerstone you must guide. It is your goldmine, tap into it. You are great!

Pick this book and march ahead as a champion.
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Tella Olayeri
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