Tella Olayeri

Dangerous Prayer That Makes Satan Flee and Surrender Your Possession

In the battle of life, you don’t only fight, you fight to conquer, you don’t only conquer; you conquer to dominate, you don’t only dominate, you dominate to expand and conquer more territories. The cycle continues.

This is what Satan hates. He hates you to fight good battles, win or conquer. Satan is not comfortable with your peace in the Lord. He wants you as his candidate. Anything short of this is termed dangerous in his kingdom. It is an infuriating step that throws him off balance, bitter and cry.

Satan hates when you are on good record of God. He hates it, because he fell from high heaven throne when he was arch-angel before God the Almighty. His pride and warfare with God makes him the original sinner; he spreads the virus.

For the saints, Born Again Christians, Satan cries when you are on the same page with God. You must know this and be well informed with this book. Arise and pray, keep yourself holy; know you have battle to fight. Satan doesn’t want you to conquer.

There is no enemy worse than an enemy who is never seen and never dies, who is never to us wherever we live and goes with us wherever we go. The person is Satan.
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Tella Olayeri
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