Tella Olayeri

430 Prayers to Claim Good Dreams and Overcome Witchcraft Powers

The road map to claim your good dream is open, only waiting for you to exercise your right. Every soldier that goes to battle, win and shows spoils for it. Your good dream classifies you as a soldier with spoils to show for it. The fact is, you see it coming only waiting for its manifestation.

This book makes the battle easy to achieve. It has about 430 prayer points to silence the enemy and give you the right to claim your dream. The prayers are systematic and wonderful, loaded with Holy Spirit vomited prayers. Have you been having dreams without fulfillment? The time is over. As from today you shall dream and get result if you use this book with boldness and with spirit of, “I shall possess my possession”.

The fact is, when you pray the prayer in this book, the Lord shall shut the mouth of dark lion delegated against you. Every dark vulture assign to announce your obituary so that you might not be celebrated when the good dreams manifest shall be found no more. Amen.

There is assurance of the Lord upon your life. You shall labour and reap bountifully. Your good dream shall come to pass. It is time of harvest.

Obtain your copy and set to sing your song, and dance your dance. I say congratulation!
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Tella Olayeri
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