Tella Olayeri

Prayer to Silence Financial Crises: Everything You Need to Start Making Money Today

Wealth creation has been fascination of men, from the rush for gold in El-Dorado to the search for diamond. From the search for oil to the search for greener pasture.

In wealth pursuit, there are many vehicles and there are many destinations. A wise person will choose profitable destination carefully by first choosing the right vehicle. The right vehicle gives you a safe landing, while wrong vehicle makes matter worse. An investor should take vehicle that will take him or her to the right bus stop of wealth creation.

This is what this book stands for. It is a wealth creation book that will enlarge your coast and make you live above financial crisis. It will expose you to multiple streams of income and financial independence. It reveals secrets of how you can grow and provide for your needs without having to work. Your money works for you!

To erode financial crisis, you must master how to discover gold and build wealth. Your wealth increases when you apply financial discipline. If you don’t master money, money will master you.

If you don’t make money work for you, you will end up having to work for money.

Pick this book; the journey shall be smooth, wishing you a safe landing.

Peace be unto you. Amen.
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Tella Olayeri
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