A Bear Called Paddington, Michael Bond
Michael Bond

A Bear Called Paddington

127 printed pages
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The classic novel about Paddington—who's now a major movie star!
Paddington Bear had traveled all the way from Peru when the Browns first met him in Paddington Station. Since then, their lives have never been quite the same . . . for ordinary things become extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is involved.
First published in 1958, A Bear Called Paddington is the first novel by Michael Bond, chronicling the adventures of this lovable bear. Paddington has charmed readers for generations with his earnest good intentions and humorous misadventures. This brand-new edition of the classic novel contains the original text by Michael Bond and illustrations by Peggy Fortnum.
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A Bear Called Paddington, Michael Bond
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Very funny, smart and kind series of books for children (and adults too :)). I hope that bear called Paddington lives in every of us (or just part, but still). Highly recommended for parents and kids from 0 to 99

babyamelia93shared an impression4 months ago
👍Worth reading

When you just missed a light, heartwarming young adult story, just pick this book.

melanie123415shared an impressionlast year

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It’ll make things much easier
have one about the house.”
Judy threw back her head and laughed until the tears rolled down her face. “Oh, Mummy, isn’t he funny!” she cried.

Paddington, who didn’t think it at all funny, stood for a moment with one foot on the table and the other in Mr. Brown’s tea. There were large patches of white cream all over his face, and on his left ear there was a lump of strawberry jam.

“You wouldn’t think,” said Mrs. Brown, “that anyone could get in such a state with just one bun.”

Mr. Brown coughed. He had just caught the stern eye of a waitress on the other side of the counter. “Perhaps,” he said, “we’d better go. I’ll see if I can find a taxi.” He picked up Judy’s belongings and hurried outside.

Paddington stepped gingerly off the table and, with a last look at the sticky remains of his bun, climbed down onto the floor.

Judy took one of his paws. “Come along, Paddington. We’ll take you home, and you can have a nice, hot bath. Then you can tell me all about South America. I’m sure you must have had lots of wonderful adventures.”
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