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Ляляshared an impression10 months ago
👎Give This a Miss

Unfortunately, it's not as interesting as I thought. I understood that english fairytales are boring.

As soon as the cow had eaten the hay, she gave the old woman the milk; and away she went with it in a saucer to the cat.
As soon as the cat had lapped up the milk, the cat began to kill the rat; the rat began to gnaw the rope; the rope began to hang the butcher; the butcher began to kill the ox; the ox began to drink the water; the water began to quench the fire; the fire began to burn the stick; the stick began to beat the dog; the dog began to bite the pig; the little pig in a fright jumped over the stile, and so the old woman got home that night.
At last he stopped and wiped his face with his handkerchief.
One day, after they had made the porridge for their breakfast, and poured it into their porridge-pots, they walked out into the wood while the porridge was cooling, that they might not burn their mouths, by beginning too soon to eat it.
РИПОЛ классик, Издательство «РИПОЛ классик»
Издательство «РИПОЛ классик»
РИПОЛ классик
  • 1.7K
  • 44
Китайский и английский, Мария Медвинская
Мария Медвинская
Китайский и английский
  • 25
  • 17
English Books, faridashh
English Books
  • 11
  • 6
Для чтения!!, Динара Сафина
Динара Сафина
Для чтения!!
  • 526
  • 5
ENGLISH, English-Smart Learning
English-Smart Learning
  • 53
  • 2
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