No Place For Magic, E.D.Baker

No Place For Magic

When Princess Emma and her beloved frog-turned-prince, Eadric, travel to his homeland, they find it in chaos. Eadric's irritating little brother has been kidnapped by trolls and, worse still, Eadric's mother won't allow Emma to use her magic skills to rescue him. Undaunted, they set off through hostile lands and face sea monsters, vampires, as well as Eadric's ex-girlfriends, to try and save little Bradston.Princess Emma takes centre stage again in this utterly charming, magical fairytale adventure – with a twist!
221 printed pages


Savage Delord
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💩Utter Crap
🙈Lost On Me
🔮Hidden Depths
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🌴Beach Bag Book

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Atendril brushed my face, tickling me on the nose. I jerked my head back and whacked it on the table leg behind me. "Wretched plant!" I said, rubbing my head with one hand as I pushed the vine away with the other.

Ever since my aunt had returned to her normal self, she hadn't been able to keep her mind on anything but her beloved Haywood. Her magic had suffered for it, becoming muddled and not quite as she'd intended. The flowering vines she'd planted in the Great Hall to celebrate their reunion had
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