Visual Project Management, Paul Williams
Paul Williams

Visual Project Management

Today’s project manager has more to manage than just project scope, deliverables, communications and teams. They are also expected to manage large volumes of project-related data. And the expectation goes beyond just managing the data. It extends into creating great visualizations that allow stakeholders to fully digest that large volume of data in a manner that is quick, effective and clear. They are also expected to serve as facilitators in the use of visual thinking tools as a method for working through project issues, risks and problems. These new expectations require new skills. The era of multi-page, text-based project status reporting is over. The era of visual project management is here. Time to “skill up!”
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Agile-based methods of managing projects have started to become entrenched in even the most conservative industries like financial services, insurance and healthcare.
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Raw data, in and of itself, is practically useless without proper context. However, when the data is collected, stored, “mined” and then viewed with the appropriate perspective, it becomes one of the most valued

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