Paul Williams

Paul Williams’s memoir Soldier Blue won Book of the Year in South Africa, 2008 and his novel The Secret of Old Mukiwa won the Zimbabwe International Book Fair award for Young Adults in 2001. His educational readers have been set in schools across Africa and his stories and critical articles have been published in Meanjin, Text, Social Alternatives (Australia), Chicago Quarterly Review (USA), New Writing (UK) and New Contrast (South Africa). He has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin, USA, and lectures in Creative Writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia.





Alinahas quoted2 years ago
Collaboration has a specifically defined purpose which has been agreed upon by the parties interacting, and is intended to satisfy this objective.
Alinahas quoted2 years ago
ffective collaboration depends upon:
• installing the appropriate technology
• creating the right physical environment
• developing new organisational structures, processes and procedures
• developing appropriate behaviours
• creating an appropriate culture.
Alinahas quoted2 years ago
A contributing factor in putting people issues at the end of many agendas is probably discomfort in articulating and dealing with emotional, relationship and behavioural issues.
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