Maya Middlemiss,Pilar Orti

Thinking Remote

A book for managers leading remote teams and for employees who want to make a difference. A concise volume to add to your collection of leadership books.

As more companies adopt remote, flexible or office optional practices, managers and team leaders realise that the transition to a new way of working involves more than making sure that everyone has the right equipment to be able to work from home. It requires a change in mindset and approach.

In this collection of articles gathered together from the Virtual not Distant blog, Pilar Orti and Maya Middlemiss reflect on this transition from a change-management perspective, drawn from their experience of working with leaders of distributed teams.

Each article has been selected to cover one area of remote leadership practice, and is followed by a set of leadership reflections to help you identify your next steps. Considering challenges from wellbeing to technology to communication, this series of articles will empower leaders at all levels to improve their personal practice and their team's performance.
92 printed pages
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    Natallia Shauchenkahas quotedlast year
    Thinking along the same lines: what do you want your people to do, or even to think, when they log on to the digital workspace?
    Here’s an example that I came across on the Happy Melly podcast:1
    Zappos, the online shoe and clothing store, reminds its employees every day of the importance of being familiar with other employees in the company. When an employee logs onto their system at the beginning of the day, a picture of another person in the company pops up with the question, “Do you know who this person is?”, and five names from which to choose.
    If the employee doesn’t pick the right answer, the system tells them their colleague’s name and redirects them to that person’s profile, so that they can learn a little bit about them.
    Zappos is not a remote organisation. However, it is seeing the company grow and is deliberately fostering that sense of connection by making the most out of technology.
    This is a prime example of the need to pay attention to the digital space, even when your people are in the same building.

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