Body Language, Jimmy Cooper
Jimmy Cooper

Body Language

Learning Body Language Has Never Been This Easy!
Avoid conflicts, and become a better communicator!

There are many things in adult life that no one seems to teach you about. Learning experiences may vary, but many valuable life skills seem untaught in the modern education system, and one of them being body language. 
Body language plays a vital role in communication, yet many don't know how to interpret body language or how to control their own body language so that they seem trustworthy to others. Everyone knows of its existence, but many don't use it or know what all the different gestures mean. You'll be surprised at how many people will think you're a bad person just because you didn't look them in the eye. Do you have trouble getting a job? If so, your lack of body language may be to blame. No one likes an interviewee who looks slouched. You'll learn:

• What is Body Language?
• Interpreting the Head and Face
• Learning to Use Body Languag
• Body Language In Other Cultures
• much, much more !

Read People, How To Analyze People & Learn Everything About The Art Of Body Language has everything you need to know. Even if you're aware of most non-verbal cues, there are some you may not be familiar about, and in this book, you'll learn them all.

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Urooj Fatemah
Urooj Fatemahhas quoted8 months ago
Chapter 1: What is Body Language?

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