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Katharine Wilkinson



Ahas quoted2 years ago
What we pay attention to grows, so I’m thinking about how we grow what we are all imagining and creating into something large enough and solid enough that it becomes a tipping point.”
Ahas quoted2 years ago
movements don’t alter history by saying: What if we don’t succeed?…Some things will never change….The odds seem really long….Maybe we’ll never get the right to vote, to marry, to be free….Without knowing the outcome, we have to try anyway; without a single guarantee, we must show up.
Ahas quoted2 years ago
You don’t have to know the details of the science to be part of the solution. And if you wait until you know everything, it will be too late for you to do anything.] That’s why we, the youth who are leading on climate, are calling this an emergency.
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