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Nadia Zelenkovahas quoted2 years ago
s critical that your employees are continually hearing about the failed bets of others, so that they are encouraged to take bets (that of course might fail) themselves
Nadia Zelenkovahas quoted2 years ago
In a fast and innovative company, ownership of critical, big-ticket decisions should be dispersed across the workforce at all different levels, not allocated according to hierarchical status.
In order for this to work the leader must teach her staff the Netflix principle, “Don’t seek to please your boss.”
When new employees join the company, tell them they have a handful of metaphorical chips that they can make bets with. Some gambles will succeed, and some will fail. A worker’s performance will be judged on the collective outcome of his bets, not on the results from one single instance.
To help your workforce make good bets, encourage them to farm for dissent, socialize the idea, and for big bets, test it out.
Teach your employees that when a bet fails, they should sunshine it openly.
Nadia Zelenkovahas quoted2 years ago
If you’re serious about talent density, you have to get in the habit of doing something a lot harder: firing a good employee when you think you can get a great one.
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