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Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is author of the New York Times bestsellers First, We Make the Beast Beautiful and I Quit Sugar. She is the founder of, an 8-week program that has been completed by 1.5 million people in 133 countries. A former news journalist and editor for Australian Cosmopolitan, she blogs on philosophy, anxiety, minimalism, toxin-free living, and anti-consumerism at She lives in Sydney, Australia, rides a bike everywhere, is a compulsive hiker, and is eternally curious.



Amey Joshihas quotedlast year
simply a way to categorise body/personality types that exist for a multitude of evolutionary reasons. We all possess a mix of all three doshas, but tend to have one that dominates. Our dominant dosha can get out of balance, which causes us different digestion/weight, health and emotional issues.
Amey Joshihas quotedlast year
Vata is the oxygen to the fire (pitta), the wind to the earth (kapha). Too much and off we burn, or whip into a whirly-whirly, out of control.
Amey Joshihas quotedlast year
I often get asked about coffee. Is it bad? Should you drink it? I take my cues from Ayurveda. Nothing is inherently bad; it’s about whether it’s sending you off the air.
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