Essentials for a Modern Marketer

Igor Tolkachev
Igor Tolkachev

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I help WPP, the largest marketing communications holding company in the world, develop and manage its global retail and shopper marketing business and expertise. These are some of the books which I consider to be essential reading for the modern day 'mad men'.
Creativity is for everyone - and this is how to do it.
A great study on the way individuals approach creativity.
Creativity can be harnessed and channelled - and discipline is the start.
Unpicking how our cultural preferences influence our lives.
Online advertising, data and privacy - the issues that come up again and again in the news and in the advertising and marketing industries. This book is a great summary.
Running a digitally focused business requires a deep understanding of lean startup methodology, and this volume touches on a number of other core areas.
Content is King. Consistently excellent content is key to modern content marketing.
Having insight in consumer behaviour is the most important thing for a marketer.
Advertising is being disrupted by young hackers and enterprising coders. What can the industry do to harness the immense potential of this new talent pool?
Absolut vodka is a runaway marketing success story - what can you learn from it?
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