Books with a Jewish twist

James Appell
James Appell
The best of writing by Jewish authors, and the most intriguing Jewish literary characters.
Confusing, disorientating, neurotic and classically Kafka.
The Trial, Franz Kafka
George Eliot's last novel paints a sympathetic picture of the Jewish experience in Victorian England.
Daniel Deronda, George Eliot
James Joyce made Leopold Blum the main protagonist in his epic novel.
Ulysses, James Joyce
James Joyce
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British playwright Julia Pascal's contemporary take on themes of Jewish history and identity.
The inspiration for Fiddler on the Roof.
Does what it says on the tin.
Not her diary, but the definitive biography of Anne Frank.
English literature's most famous and controversial Jewish character.
The first (and maybe best) in Harry Kemelman's outstanding Rabbi Small series.
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