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Jameson Tyler
Jameson Tylerhas quoted2 months ago
How occupied he must have been with the supervisor and the policemen not to have recognised these three! Rabensteiner, with his stiff demeanour and swinging hands, Kullich, with his blonde hair and deep-set eyes, and Kaminer, with his involuntary grin caused by chronic muscle spasms.
nuraychurokhas quoted7 months ago
understanding of the same matter are not mutually exclusive
Julia Dergachova
Julia Dergachovahas quoted10 months ago
Instead he went over to the doo
Jane Koutany
Jane Koutanyhas quotedlast year
It's only because of their stupidity that they're able to be so sure of themselves.
Carine Pogosyan
Carine Pogosyanhas quoted2 years ago
smiling as she gave this simple piece of information, saying something sensible at last.
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