Tella Olayeri

Deadly and Lightning Prayer Book That Makes Satan Dial 911

This is a warfare prayer book that tells how Christian soldiers should prepare for war. Satan is battle ready every day to torment and disgrace us. We must arise to the situation, to subdue and defeat Satan of war he declared against us. Brethren, the battle we fight is not carnal but spiritual. If you don’t prepare well, you will fail.

You don’t go to battle alone, you must involve God. This is the time you cry to God in petition and in prayer to equip you with spiritual military attire, weapons and equipment of war. This book will train your hands for war and your fingers for battle. You will be a formidable prayer warrior and warrior Lord in the battle field. To this end, you shall dismantle and break mountains, barriers and obstacles with spiritual caterpillar.

This book shall make you understand that when battle is hot, Satan will flee, calling 911 for help. The book will make it so brutal for Satan both in the air, land and sea, and water in the spirit. With this book, there is no number of power, forces or principalities that surround you, that won’t be annihilated and defeated, as the Lord will stand by you to defeat Satan and his agents.

In overall, prayer in this book will enable you do the followings:

Destroy woks of darkness targeted against you.

Call down heavenly soldiers on chariots of fire to fight for you.

Destroy and defeat enemies that surround you.

It will enable you pray without ceasing.

It will make Satan flee calling 911.

It will turn your mouth to fire, turn your eyes and tongue to fire as well.

It will subdue and disgrace stubborn pursuers after you.

It will enable you possess your possession.

It will enable you possess the gate of the enemy.

It will enable you dress in the spirit with garment of fire, boot of fire; armed with arrow of fire to destroy spiritual enemies.

At the end of this prayer, you shall win. Great is the one that creates you, and as a product of Great Creator, so shall you be great.

You shall be great in battle, great in the Lord, great before your enemies, great at home and abroad, great in the office and great in what you do.

Anywhere you go or occupy be prayerful and let fire of God follow you.

At this point, you will be too hot for enemy to handle and Satan shall flee, calling 911, but receive no response.
38 printed pages
Original publication
Tella Olayeri



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