Right Ho, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse

Right Ho, Jeeves

Right Ho, Jeeves is the second novel to feature P. G. Wodehouse’s popular Bertie Wooster and Jeeves characters. Bertie, a member of the English upper class and one of the «idle rich» tries his best to arrange relationships between two pairs of his friends. Though he means well, Bertie’s bumbling attempts wind up doing more harm than good (as usual), leaving it to his valet, Jeeves, to see if he can sort things out.
A smooth, easy, and often hilarious read, Right Ho, Jeeves is an excellent example of why Bertie Wooster and Jeeves have become such iconic literary figures.
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Right Ho, Jeeves, P. G. Wodehouse
Right Ho, Jeeves

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loriewestshared an impression5 months ago


vminocha k
vminocha kshared an impression5 months ago

Just the best

trihawkjonshared an impressionlast year

One of PG's finest novels; complex and hilarious.


remember. Yes, I recall the Sipperley case. He couldn't bring himself to the scratch. A marked coldness of the feet, was there not? I recollect you saying he was letting—what was it?—letting something do something. Cats entered into it, if I am not mistaken.”
“Letting 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would', sir.”
him with this later, he said that Gussie had altered the plot a good deal, and I dare say that accounts for it.
At any rate, that was theconteas Gussie told it, and when I say that it got
I hadn't gone to Cannes, I shouldn't have met the Bassett or bought that white mess jacket, and Angela wouldn't have met her shark, and Aunt Dahlia wouldn't have played baccarat.
Yes, most decidedly, Cannes was thepoint d'appui.
I went to Cannes—leaving Jeeves behind, he having intimated that he did not wish to miss Ascot—round about the beginning of June.
had been dressing in a leisurely manner, donning here a sock, there a shoe, and gradually climbing into the vest, the shirt, the tie, and the knee-length, Jeeves had been down on the lower level, unpacking my effects.
“Jeeves,” I said, “may I speak frankly?
At any rate, for the last five years he has been living at this place of his down in Lincolnshire, as confirmed a species-shunning hermit as ever put fresh water in the tank every second day and refused to see a soul.
ving Jeeves behind, he having intimated that he did not wish to miss Ascot—round about the beginning of June. With me travelled my Aunt Dahlia and her daughter Angela. Tuppy Glossop, Angela's betrothed, was to have been of the party, but at the last moment couldn't get away. Uncle Tom, Aunt Dahlia's husband, remained at home, because he can't stick the South of France at any price.
So there you have the layout—Aunt Dahlia, Cousin Angela and self off to Cannes round about the beginning of June.
All pretty clear so far, what?
We stayed at Cannes about two months, and except for the fact that Aunt Dahlia lost her shirt at baccarat and Angela nearly got inhaled by a shark while aquaplaning, a pleasant time was had by
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