P. G. Wodehouse

Very Good, Jeeves

An outstanding collection of Jeeves stories, every one a winner, in which Jeeves endeavours to give satisfaction: By saving a grumpy cabinet minister from being marooned and attacked by a swan — in the process saving Bertie Wooster from his impending doom…

By rescuing Bingo Little and Tuppy Glossop from the soup (twice each)…

By arranging rather too many performances of the song ‘Sonny Boy’ to a not very appreciative audience…

And by a variety of other sparkling stratagems that should reduce you to helpless laughter.
261 printed pages
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    TheGreyOwl Gamershared an impression2 years ago

    Fantastically hilarious!

    Вадим Головченкоshared an impressionlast year

    Outstanding, novel!

    stoodyshared an impression2 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    A portal to Eden. Not to be rushed. Poetry references will reward the inquisitive.

    Jeeves sizzling with his superb abilities at the disposal of team Wooster and Bertie ; 'in the pink'.

    The twin peaks of Edwardian civilization in topping form.


    sample3141has quoted7 years ago
    This sum, judiciously expended over the period of her absence, would have been enough to keep Peke and self in moderate affluence.
    b9488337192has quoted3 months ago
    POPINOT: Donnez-moi les deux, s’il vous plait.

    MARCHAND: Oui, par exemple, morbleu. Et aussi la plume, l’encre, et la tante du jardinière?

    POPINOT: Je m’en fiche de cela. Je désire seulement le Vodeouse.

    MARCHAND: Pas de chemises, de cravats, ou le tonic pour les cheveux?

    POPINOT: Seulement le Vodeouse, je vous assure.

    MARCHAND: Parfaitement, Monsieur. Deux-et-six pour chaque bibelot – exactement cinq roberts.

    POPINOT: Bon jour, Monsieur.

    MARCHAND: Bon jour, Monsieur.

    As simple as that.

    See that the name ‘Wodehouse’ is on every label.
    b9488337192has quoted3 months ago
    You make the easy payment of five shillings, and they will be delivered at your door in a plain van.

    YOURSELF: Good morning, Mr Bookseller.

    BOOKSELLER: Good morning, Mr Everyman.

    Or take the case of a French visitor to London, whom, for want of a better name, we will call Jules St Xavier Popinot. In this instance the little scene will run on these lines: AU COIN DE LIVRES

    POPINOT: Bon jour, Monsieur le marchand de livres.

    MARCHAND: Bon jour, Monsieur. Quel beau temps aujourdhui, n’est-ce-pas?

    POPINOT: Absolument. Eskervous avez le Jeeves Inimitable et le Continuez, Jeeves! du maitre Vodeouse?

    MARCHAND: Mais certainement, Monsieur

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