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Tom Brown

How to Love Yourself – Self-Esteem

An egoist is a lonely man incapable to love. And even if someone loves him, the egoist can’t enjoy this gift of destiny, he can only psychologically mock at the poor person who was unlucky to “fall for a tool.” Everyone in close contact with the egotist is unhappy, and the most miserable man here is just him. And the saddest thing is that the sufferer can’t realize his problem.

In case with a person who doesn’t love himself, the reasons are different but the result is the same: he is concentrated on his demerits and so, he perceives the other people’s demerits sharply and is enable to enjoy life, thus, he won’t manage to teach his children to do this. The poor thing doesn’t love himself and, thus, he will fail in loving the others.

A person who loves himself, forgives mistakes, imperfections of his personality which he is unable to correct, to himself. He doesn’t live in a condition of a constant feeling of being guilty, and thus, he is free of many stresses. Having learned to love himself, he learns how to love his family and friends in the same way — by forgiving them and understanding their imperfections, not demanding from them to give more than they can give, and not reproaching them for misdeeds.

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- Having Done with the Question “Why?”, We Go to the Question “How to Do This?”

— Our Demerits Are Our Own Peculiarities

— How to Learn to Love Yourself?

— And if the Sense of Life Lies in Taking Care of the Others?

— Roll-Up & The Harmony of Your Soul

— Much, much more! Bonus!

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  • Sara Abdulsamadshared an impressionlast year

    Lovely book

  • Vijesh EVshared an impression4 years ago
    👍Worth reading

  • Kenny Limshared an impression2 years ago
    👎Give This a Miss


  • mageerauldzytnehas quoted4 months ago
    The joke is that the person living not according to his vocation will achieve nothing even at the most prestigious and well-paid job. He will not love his career, so he will always be a mediocre lawyer in some periphery. But a person, who chose a path prompted to him by his own heart, will dedicate all his soul to this business, and this is the fundamental guarantee of quality. Having started as an ordinary worker, he has every chance to gather his team, and then create a construction company or a large enterprise. Having an individual flair and persistence, he will reach much greater heights than if he were at that "prestigious" position, which makes him sic
  • mageerauldzytnehas quoted4 months ago
    Why train a cat to draw if it is perfect for catching mice? Following standards and guidelines, we look as ridiculous as this cat with a brush in its paws but were unwilling to admit it.

    Everyone has talent, vocation, and mission, and everyone has a niche where he'll be able to come into his own.
  • mageerauldzytnehas quoted4 months ago
    Let’s recall a girl who was dolefully looking into the mirror. She is sad for having no resemblance to Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez and completely forgets that she cooks deliciously and sews even better. If she had not thought about the strained demerits, but better had remembered her strong sides, she would have managed to start the restaurant business or to become a famous couturier.

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