Florence Keith-Roach

Eggs (NHB Modern Plays)

A dark comedy about female friendship, fertility and freaking out, by Florence Keith-Roach, ‘rising star of the London theatre scene’ (Evening Standard).
Two women, living very different lives, are united by their quick wit, love of nineties’ dance music and a mounting alienation.
Eggs was first performed as part of the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and was selected for the 2016 VAULT Festival, London. It is also available in the volume Plays from VAULT.
'a neat exploration of female friendship… authentically honest and amusing… an unexpected treat' — Evening Standard
‘Honest. Human. Real. Frank. Funny. Achingly relevant’ — Broadway Baby
44 printed pages
Original publication

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    Irènehas quoted6 months ago
    t’s just I have started to be a bit reticent about the whole, taking-charge thing, lately. Because, well, various ex-boyfriends have told me, after we broke up, that my overwhelming enthusiasm and passion at the beginning of our relationship sort of well, overwhelmed them and blinded them to the fact that we, in fact, had nothing in common.
    gamesnotcontactshas quoted2 years ago
    I’ve got a nit comb. A fucking expensive nit comb. The woman in the chemist royally ripped me off. She kept asking how old my infected child was. The bitch.

    GIRL TWO. I mean it’s a fairly logical question, it is pretty rare for anyone over twelve to have nits.

    GIRL ONE. No, she knows I don’t have a child. I mean, I was in there, like, every weekend last year to get the free morning-after pill. We’ve discussed, at length, how irresponsible and un-maternal I am. Not to mention how barren I probably am, which admittedly made the whole pill thing a bit of a charade,
    Abigail Fosterhas quoted3 years ago
    still living at home

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