Far Away, Caryl Churchill
Caryl Churchill

Far Away

22 printed pages
A brilliant and unsettling play from one of the UK's leading dramatists. Premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in 2000.
At the opening of the play, a young girl is questioning her aunt about having seen her uncle hitting people with an iron bar; by the end, several years later, the whole world is at war – including birds and animals. Far Away is a howl of anguish at the increasing – and increasingly accepted – levels of inhumanity in a world seemingly perpetually involved in conflict.
'You know you are in the hands of a master' The Sunday Times
'Churchill was expected to produce something explosive, but… she has exceeded the critics' highest expectations' The Observer
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Well I have to tell you, when you’ve been married as long as I have. There are things people get up to, it’s natural, it’s nothing bad, that’s just friends of his your uncle was having a little party with.
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You mean that ironically?

I mean it sarcastically.

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I know to hate deer.
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