Pronoun (NHB Modern Plays), Evan Placey
Evan Placey

Pronoun (NHB Modern Plays)

50 printed pages
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A love story about transition, testosterone, and James Dean.
Josh and Isabella are childhood sweethearts. They were meant to spend their gap year together, they were meant to be together forever. But Isabella has now become a boy.
Pronoun was commissioned as part of the 2014 National Theatre Connections Festival and premiered by youth theatres across the UK. Especially written for young actors, the play can be performed by a cast of seven, with some doubling of roles, or a much larger cast.
'honest, touching and relevant' as thought-provoking as it is engaging' A Younger Theatre
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Harrison Lindfield
Harrison Lindfieldshared an impression2 years ago
👍Worth reading

I love it, great play with realistic relationships and characters, loved doing this

Helena Firefluff
Helena Firefluffshared an impression3 years ago
👍Worth reading


Davidshared an impressionlast year

Davidhas quotedlast year
Tolerance is the emptiest word in the dictionary.
Tolerate is what you do when someone’s playing their music loudly on the bus.
Tolerate is what you do when someone’s texting next to you in the cinema.
I don’t want to be tolerated.
I want to be admired.
I want to be envied.
I want to be… loved.
sdlaminihas quoted2 years ago
do for yourself.
JOSH. Yeah. Yeah. I know. So I researched, I went online, and they say… it’s normal.
That I’m normal…
DEAN. You’re…?
JOSH. How I reacted. And they… I think you need to be more patient with me.
I was, I was, all things considered, quite patient with you. And you were quite… selfish. So.

Fucking hell !

Toby Mugford
Toby Mugfordhas quoted4 years ago
KYLE. Amy’ll be back any minute, and [if] she finds you in her room she’ll castrate you with her bare teeth. Trust me, I’ve got the teethmarks. It still hurts when I pee. (Exits.)
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