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Thomas has known who he was, despite the fact that he was not accepted by his parents. And, in order to be supported by them, he decided to lie to them and let them believe that he had a girlfriend. But, with college on the horizon, he thinks that he is going to be able to find someone who is going to accept him for who he is.

Little does Thomas know, he is not only going to find someone who accepts him, but a whole group of people who accept him. To top it off, he finds someone that just reinforces that he is gay and someone he gets someone to fool around with.

But, just as college does, he is shaped by his experiences and carries them with him for the rest of his life. Little does Thomas realize, his college experiences have the opportunity to destroy his life.

But, he manages to save his life so that he is still able to continue living his life. Or does he?
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