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Hell's Replacements MC

After 8 years in prison for committing manslaughter, 6' 6″ Bobby 'Big Daddy' Burleson is finally coming home. A Founding Father of the Hell's Replacements Motorcycle Club, he was sent away after beating a man to death. Bobby is welcomed by his Brothers with a huge party at their secluded Clubhouse that includes plenty of cold beer and single, naked women.

First on Bobby's well-planned agenda, is getting laid.
Second is getting revenge on the bastard that sent him to prison.

Big Daddy quickly meets the small, beautiful, blond Melissa and she happily gives him the proper welcome home that she has been looking forward to for so long. After some quality time with her, then with a different beautiful blond, and back; Bobby then joins club president, Johnny and they set off to even an old score that will finally set the past behind him.

Before anyone even notices that they are gone, the guys promptly return to the party and Bobby gets into a quick fist fight to help cover his tracks. He then returns to the partying fun with Melissa and it isn't long at all before the two are joined by the beautiful redheaded Patty, and the girls do all they can to make sure Big Daddy has the night of his life.

Later that evening, when a friend sends his old lady to join the celebratory bedroom festivities, the group moves to a private hot tub and they spend some quality time getting acquainted.

Join the MC and the ladies, as they welcome Bobby 'Big Daddy' Burleson back home and Melissa tries to show him just how much she has missed him. And, how long she has had the hots for him.
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