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Filled by the Fertility Doctor

Mia Bendis has always been a hard worker. Throughout middle school and high school, she was the one to get the good grades and excel in all of the clubs she joined in. Her motto has always been: if you want something, you need to take it. But for most of her life, the one thing she's never wanted was to be a mother or wife.

Sure, Mia loves to get laid and even considers herself a bit of a nymphomaniac. Despite that fact, sex was never something she wanted to do with the hopes of making a baby. It was just something that gave her immense pleasure. She also loves men and the special touch they provide her. Yet, she never wanted a long-term relationship because she knew it would get in the way of her goals. This was Mia's life… until now.

When she first comes into contact with the fertility doctor, David Hathor, it's as if her whole world is falling apart. He seems to have some sort of power over her because everything she thought she wanted for her life changes the instant she meets this young MD. She realizes that now, instead of keeping her mind on her career and becoming a successful, famous lawyer, she wants nothing more than to become pregnant with Doctor David Hathor's baby.

Things spiral out of control as Mia's idea of doing this quickly turns from a sexy daydream into an all-out obsession. It turns out that Mia wasn't kidding when she came up with the motto: if you want something you have to take it. The woman wants a baby… Doctor Hathor's baby… and she will do whatever it takes to make that fantasy a reality.
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