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Fifty Shades of Gay

The world of big-time lawyers is not for the faint-hearted. The 32-year-old Sebastian Knight and 29-year-old Tobias Evans are two up and coming defense attorneys. After meeting in law school and falling in love, the two men opened their own law firm in New York.

Their law firm has just been hired to represent a high profile murder case, one that is sure to make or break the reputation of the fledgling firm. Worse yet, they will be facing the district's star prosecutor, Preston Gallagher, who in his ten-year career has never once lost a case. Sebastian and Tobias are learning the hard way what it takes to swim with the sharks.

In court, Preston is an undefeated monster, capable of absolutely dominating the proceedings and making his presence known. The witnesses, the evidence even the judge appears to be under Preston's all-powerful sway.

Seeming to have all the answers, the fledgling law firm is in trouble when Preston offers seemingly irrefutable evidence of their client's guilt. Saved by sheer luck, the court is adjourned over the weekend giving the defense one final chance to gather the evidence they desperately need.

Desperate for a way to turn their losing case around, the two contact the handsome and mysterious man, Damian Hale. An older gentleman, and the owner of a legal firm of his own 'The Devil's Advocate,' Damian promises all the legal expertise they could ever hope for, as well as evidence that could exonerate their client. All he asks for in return are their hard assets, literally.

Willing to take on the case for no charge, Damian demands only the two sign a contract – Is it one they will regret?

Seeing little other chance for their careers, the two agree to Damian's terms and sign his contract. The two men are left at the mercy of the mysterious older man, and they discover some elements of their desire that had been left untapped for years. After a night of pleasure, the pair is left to wonder just what they had gotten themselves into with this contract. Damian, true to his word, was able to provide the two with the ammunition they need to finally take down Preston, but at what cost?
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    Before long heat and tensions rose, and their lovemaking was eager, and wild, like animals.
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    "You make me so hard with the way you beg for it,"
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    “Please, I need you inside me, don't make me wait...”

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