Introducing Productivity, Graham Allcott
Graham Allcott

Introducing Productivity

177 printed pages
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Introducing Productivity – by Graham Allcott of Think Productive, and the author of How to be a Productivity Ninja – reveals, using simple tips, advice and real-life examples, how to get more done and manage your time effectively. Whether you are overwhelmed by your to-do list or just get stressed looking at your full inbox, it will help you to think – and act – more productively.

AVOID UNNECESSARY MEETINGS to maximise your time
STOP PROCRASTINATING and eradicate stress
CLEAR OUT YOUR INBOX and take back control
IMPROVE YOUR WORKFLOW and love your job again
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Ann Catherine Dizon Perez
Ann Catherine Dizon Perezhas quoted3 months ago
You can’t manage time. There’s no point trying. What you can manage is your attention, and it’s an even more subtle skill to learn.
Maria Vladimirovna Mihailovich (Masha)
Maria Vladimirovna Mihailovich (Masha)has quotedlast year
How to be a Productivity Ninja
Дмитрий Иванов
Дмитрий Ивановhas quotedlast year
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