Introducing Productivity, Graham Allcott
Graham Allcott

Introducing Productivity

176 printed pages
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To do: 
take the stress out of work
defeat ‘information overload’ 
be more efficient.  

Whether you are overwhelmed by your to-do list, or get stressed just looking at your full inbox, this Practical Guide from productivity expert Graham Allcott reveals how to think, and act, more productively and to start loving work.

Following a simple A-Z of expert tips and real-life examples, you will learn to improve your focus, regain control, and feel cool, calm and collected.
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Andrew sylvester
Andrew sylvestershared an impression3 months ago
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Дмитрий Иванов
Дмитрий Ивановshared an impression2 years ago
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Ann Catherine Dizon Perez
Ann Catherine Dizon Perezhas quotedlast year
You can’t manage time. There’s no point trying. What you can manage is your attention, and it’s an even more subtle skill to learn.
Павел Кузнецов
Павел Кузнецовhas quoted3 years ago
So, we’d rather do anything else in the world than do the thing that matters, precisely because it’s the thing that matters
Enlik Tjioe
Enlik Tjioehas quotedlast month
So we’re going to begin this book at the beginning. You can’t manage time. There’s no point trying.
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